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30/20 Assessment

Prior to beginning any formal client engagement, we conduct our time-tested 30/20 assessment to gauge our fit for the project and your likelihood of being successful.

The assessment consists of casual but incisive 30-minute interviews with 20 key stakeholders from different parts of the organization. Over hundreds of interviews with prospects who became clients, this process has proven to be amazingly effective at pinpointing the highest leverage problems to tackle, and in what order.

Get powerful insights for low or zero cost

In most cases, we don’t charge for the 30/20 assessment unless the client is only engaging us for the assessment findings. In almost all cases, the assessment informs the project roadmap and engagement agreement.

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Reach out and we will talk you through the process, including how to navigate the predictable questions and challenges you will encounter in the process.

“I inherited an underperforming team when I took the CEO role. Alta Impact was instrumental in leading us to develop a higher level of trust, clarity, and alignment as we built and began executing on our 6-year strategic plan.
This resulted in 18% revenue growth and a 300% EBITDA outperformance while building a robust M&A pipeline. So thankful for their insights and guidance for me personally and for the team.”

—CEO of a global, multi-generational family-owned industrial business