High Contact Leadership Development

Barriers. Obstacles. Low engagement. Grinding areas of contention. These are the pain points that can keep your organization—and you as a leader—from achieving the highest levels of success. At Alta Impact, we are your trusted advisors who take an intimate, one-on-one approach to help you identify and break through the constraints—both personal and professional—that are keeping you from realizing a healthier, more effective business.

Leveraging our years of experience leading our own organizations, we’ll give you the critical training you need, personally coach and advise you along the way, and leave you with a set of practical, highly effective, customized tools to empower you to lead your team to a whole new era of business performance.


Driving Engagement by Creating a Culture
of Trust, Clarity and Alignment


We provide the training and guidance to help you and your organization execute project ideas and business opportunities more effectively through:

  • Leadership Development
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Employee Engagement


We can help your organization improve employee adoption of critical change initiatives, allowing employees to more effectively implement new processes or service offerings and “lean in” to your company’s evolving strategies and goals.


We can assist your company in developing proper planning and a clearly articulated business strategy through the effective use of data, insights and healthy debate, thus avoiding reactive decision-making subject to the whims of the market or, worse, the emotions of leadership.


We can help elevate performance and directly boost the bottom line by using sound methodology to map, document and improve critical processes.

Let’s Discuss Your Business

Ready to bring out the best in you and your organization and create a whole new culture of business effectiveness and performance? Contact Alta Impact and let’s discuss how we can help.